Seven Great Current Movies Without A Superhero

If you happen to be one of those people who doesn’t particularly care for superhero movies, but would rather see something more thought-provoking and satisfying, there are several current movies you can choose from. At any given time, there is usually something for everyone playing on the big screen, whether you’re a fan of romantic comedies, action movies, or powerful dramas which stir the emotions up inside. Seven of the best non-superhero current movies are described below for your viewing pleasure.

Under the Silver Lake

You might think of this film as Chinatown for the millennial generation, although its hero, Sam is a jobless individual searching the streets of Los Angeles in a thriller which at times approaches Hitchcockian complexity. In between bouts of voyeurism on his topless neighbor and a neighborhood blonde who catches his eye, Sam attempts to solve the riddles associated with his small corner of the world, and ultimately with his own existence.


This is the latest offering by Matteo Garrone, an Italian director who seeks out the gritty underbelly of that country’s core to relate to the world. This particular story is based on a real-life incident, and is primarily about a good man who is forced to pay the consequences for his weaknesses. The dog man is Marcello, a divorced owner of a dog-grooming salon, who is constantly bullied by a neighborhood thug. This is a well-crafted movie which portrays Marcello’s attempts to get out from under the thumb of his nemesis.

High Life

This film stars Robert Pattinson in a sci-fi thriller which is a continued exploration by director Claire Denis of carnal themes as well as elements of alienation and grief. The plot revolves around Pattinson and his young charge, who are survivors of a mission gone wrong. The mission was to assist death row inmates in an investigation of an actual theory concerning black holes in exchange for commuted sentences. What happens in the spaceship during this voyage makes for interesting consideration, as well as cinematic excitement.


Despite the fact that this movie was filmed on a very low budget, writer-director Joel Potrykus manages to convey a story which is at once gross, ridiculously funny, and sometimes even profound. As the Y2K crisis looms, our hero Abbie agrees to an outrageous dare delivered by his older brother which requires that he stay glued to the couch, until he breaks the record score for Pac-Man.


In this movie, Director Kent Jones, who in addition to directing current movies, also organizes the New York film Festival, addresses the opioid crisis with an unerring sense of poise and maturity. The action takes place in a very believable community in upstate New York, and it provides star Mary Kay Place with a wonderful opportunity to deliver a stunning performance as a caretaker riddled with personal pains and grief.

Apollo 11

123movies n amazing movie which is comprised entirely of actual footage captured at the time of the Apollo 11 mission, this film emphasizes the work of thousands of people who toiled to make the mission a success. Much of this film has never been seen before, and much of it hasn’t been seen since 1969, but it’s an exhilarating example of what can be achieved when teamwork and dedication prevail.

Gloria Bell

Julianne Moore stars as the titular Gloria Bell, who has been divorced for the past 12 years, and who has settled into an unexciting insurance job. An exploration of today’s urban woman, this is an example of current movies which take an unabashed look at the place of women in modern society, and how they go about achieving something close to self-fulfillment.