Looking For An Inversion Table?

Life is so fast now that we rarely get the time to relax and unwind. We simply don’t get to go to the gym as regularly as we’d want to, nor can we take breaks as often as we’d like to straighten our backs. Long arduous hours of leaning over our desks, working away on our computers, and bad posture throughout the day during any routine activity hurt. We just don’t notice it until it’s too late and everything starts aching so bad that we just have to take a day or two off to reduce our back pain. There aren’t that many worthwhile remedies out there, but one of them that does work is an inversion table. ใบเจียร

What Is An Inversion Table And How Does It Work?

An inversion table let’s you lie down in a comfortable and straight position, and then suspend yourself partially or fully inverted, by your legs. What this does is that it lets your spinal discs relax and regenerate themselves; it gives them room to breathe by eliminating gravitational compression. We all know that gravity pulls us downwards but have you considered all the effects of that constant downward force?

What happens is that over the years, as our bodies are pulled downwards, our spinal discs gradually grind against each other, eroding the moisture between them. This slow but steady damage results in tremendous back pain, and painful and expensive back surgeries. An inversion table reverses that effect to undo that compression and actually pulls our discs into the positions they should be in. As this happens, our spine slowly begins to reformulate all the moisture between discs that we’ve lost over the years. It also relieves muscle pain by stretching our back muscles rather than compressing them, much like typical stretching exercises.

Will It Reduce My Back Pain?

Definitely! Over the years, numerous research studies have been conducted and they show a definite reduction in back pain. One study consisting of over a hundred and fifty people that had to leave their work because of back pain. Almost 90% of them returned to work, full time because they started using an inversion table. Should you get one? Sure, but don’t forget to consult your physician about using one first.